Why Choose Us

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


Positive word of mouth

Many of our customers are derived from word of mouth referrals. Our quality of work and customer service is second to none and is proven by the fact that our customers have the belief and confidence to refer us to others. This statistic alone sets us apart from our competitors.


We build and encourage strong relationships

Our customers are the most important thing to us. We build relationships on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationships last.          


Our Family Friendly Child Safe Service

At Digitaleye Video Transfer we understand the importance of privacy, discretion and confidentiality when it comes to your precious family footage. Your footage will never leave our premises before or after transfer.  All transfers are completed in-house unlike many other companies that are sending your tapes off shore to be processed. In fact all staff at Digitaleye Video Transfer must hold a blue card to work with us.


  • Our service is first class. Just ask our happy customers!
  • Our staff are highly experienced and customer focused
  • We are dedicated to quality
  • We work from a professional studio (not from home)
  • We always handle all your precious footage with the utmost care.
  • All staff hold blue cards

Our Prices

  • Our prices are LOW and we plan to keep them that way.
  • We won't charge you extra for the little things, in fact we offer them to you FREE.