Video Tape To DVD


Convert Your Old VHS, VCR & Camcorder Tapes

Do You have a old VHS tapes in your cupboard gathering dust? Is your VCR a thing of the past? Maybe you have a box full of camcorder tape formats such as VHS-C, Video8, Hi8 or minidv.

Sadly, all video tapes deteriorate with age and will eventually be un-watchable. We can professionally convert your precious video footage to DVD or USB (MP4).  Once your video tapes are transferred to DVD or MP4, the video quality will NEVER degrade and you can preserve your memories for all time.

from only $19.95  $16.95 per tape*

We can transfer ALL camcorder formats

Not sure what format you have?  No problem. We can digitally remaster any video tape format from the 1980s to modern day. 


Pro Equipment

We only use the latest in digitisation technologies and video playback to achieve the best possible result.



We digitally re-master every videotape at its original recorded resolution so there is no quality loss.


Broken Tapes Repaired

Broken tape casings are replaced into new casing. Snapped tape is spliced so as to retrieve your potentially lost footage.

dirty video.png


We clean up your footage by removing useless blank, blue, grey or un-watchable sections. Unwanted TV shows are also removed.


Time Base Correction (TBC)

Older video tapes can cause  "warped" or "distorted" lines to the video image. Our TBC units correct this for a clean straight video playback.


Quality Controlled

Each videotape is edited and examined by hand after digitisation. If we notice any video or audio issues we will send the tape back to our technicians to be re-digitised.

Choose to go to USB or DVD

We can transfer your family memories to a format that suits you and your needs. 


Option 1 - Convert to USB

Watch, Share, Edit & Preserve on USB

Limited Time Offer

$16.95 per tape*


Watch your family memories again on your Smart TV, PC or MAC by having them them transferred to USB in a universal file format called MP4. 

Share your memories easily by copying to other USBs, you tube, facebook or via internet file transfer.

Edit your videos on your PC or MAC simply by using the FREE windows movie maker, imovie or by purchasing any professional video editing software.

Preserve your memories by backing up multiple copies easily to other USBs, hard drives or cloud based file storage.


Option 2 - Convert to DVD

Watch on any DVD Player


$19.95 per tape*

If you simply want to watch your newly digitised memories on your TV in a format that you know and trust, we can copy onto a DVD video disc. You can watch on any Australian DVD player. We also do international formats if you require.

We include free of charge full motion menus so you can easily select your favourite video clip with your remote control. You also get free of charge chapter points at 4 minute intervals for easy navigation.

We also include a full colour printed DVD label with the DVD contents.

How The Pricing Works

Tapes Less Than 2hrs

*Tapes with footage (not the tape length) less than or equal to 2hrs are charged at $16.95 per tape (to USB) or $19.95 per tape (to DVD).

Tapes Longer Than 2hrs
*Tapes with footage (not the tape length) longer than 2hrs will be calculated as a
second tape at $10.00 additional (to USB) or $19.95 additional (to DVD).. Tapes longer than 4 hours will be calculated as three tapes and so on. (per 2hr block per tape)

If you require both formats (DVD & USB) pricing is at $24.95 per tape (up to 2hrs)

USB Drives sold separately (or supplied by customer at no extra charge)

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Send your tapes to us from anywhere in Australia

You can either drop your precious memories to us if you are local or just place your items into an express post satchel along with our order form for overnight tracked delivery.