Still Camera Video to DVD

Still Camera Video to DVD

Format Introduced 1991 (video in 1995)
Recording Formats AVI, DV, MPEG, MOV, WMV, ASF, MP4
Recording Media Internal storage , Card Based Storage
Video Resolution Often low quailty in early models
Framerates 15fps to 24fps

Price: $10 per/GB (video footage)

History Of Still Camera Video to DVD

While previously there was a clear distinction between a digital camcorder and a digital camera (to take still photos only), the line seems to have blurred significantly recently. The new generation of digital cameras from leading manufacturers not only take still photos with amazing clarity, they also record high-quality video.

However, the video format in which these high performance devices record can cause issues. While most digital cameras record in QuickTime format (MOV), some record in MPEG 4 (MP4).

Please note: We will require either your camera and all related cabling or your camera memory card..