Minidvd to DVD


Format Introduced 2006
Disc Types miniDVD-R, minDVD+-RW, miniDVD-RAM
Disc Dimensions 8cm in Diameter (Single & Double Sided)
Disc Capacity 1.4GB Per Side
Recording Time 30mins per side
Recording Format MPEGII
TV Formats PAL, NTSC
Resolution PAL Equivalent to 720×576 pixels
Resolution NTSC Equivalent to 720×480 pixels

Price: $10.00 per/side

History Of MiniDVD

MiniDVD is an 80mm diameter DVD disc introduced as a recordable media in 2006. The recording format MPEGII used the same standard as traditional DVD discs. In normal recording (standard DVD quality), it holds 30 minutes of video or 1.4 GB of data. MiniDVD Discs require that that be FINALISED in the camcorder to allow them to be playable in all standard DVD palyers.

Single Sided Dual Layer DVD+R and DVD-R forms were released in 2006. They hold up to 55 mins of continuous, Standard Definition video.