Transparencies (Slides) to Digital


35mm Transparencies (Slides) To Digital

Slide Scanning Services

Have your slides scanned to digital before they deteriorate for good. We scan up to a massive (4800DPI) 22Megapixel print resolution. All 35mm slide scans can be printed to 6x4 inch print size however can be comfortably enlarged to 11x14 inch or more.

Before scanning your slides they are wiped clean to remove any dirt and dust particle build up. Once scanned, they are then individually colour corrected to get the best possible result. 

We can scan any 2" mounted formats. ie. Square, 110 or half sized slides.       



(8 Megapixels)



Professional Pro-Res Scanning, Colour, Correction, Digital Dust & Scratch Removal, 


(22 Megapixels)



Professional Pro-Res Scanning, Colour, Correction, Digital Dust & Scratch Removal,

+ Digital ICE

Add Pro Digital
Dust & Scratch Removal


per image additional


Add Digital ICE to your your High-Res or Pro-Res service for high end digital photo clean up.

(Not available on B&Ws or Kodachrome Slides.)

35mm Slides

NEW LOW Price:

$1,00 .59c* per/scan


  • Scanned to 3000DPI or optional 4800DPI High Resolution JPEG.
  • Basic Colour correction included
  • Basic Dust & Scratch removal included
  • Digital ICE Optionally available for high level Dust & Scratch removal
  • Slides individually hand cleaned
  • All 2" mounted formats: 110,126,127,35mm, 35mm half slides
  • Brightness / contrast adjustment if required
  • Images in High Res .JPG format
  • Image files provided on DATA CD/DVD for easy printing / viewing / copying
  • We can optionally supply on USB for only $19.95 (16GB USB)

*Please Note:  This is a bulk slide scanning service. Your slides will be scanned in no particular order at the 59c pricing.  All slides are physically removed from any boxes or carousels that you supply to us and replaced in no particular order. Minimum Charge per job lot is $20.

If you would like to have your slides scanned in groups or a specific order AND replaced in the same order as we received them please add 20c per slide.



What does 8 or 22 Megapixel Mean?

This is the way we measure the amount of "pixels" in the image.
Quite simply the more pixels - the better quality / sharper the image will be when you enlarge it.
We scan our slides at up to 22 Megapixels (22 million pixels) per image.

8 Megapixel (3000DPI) - Comparable to iPhone 6

As a guide the iPhone 6 will take an 8 Megapixel Photo which will give you a JPG file approx 3264 x 2448 pixels.

22 Megapixel (4800DPI) - Our Pro Res Slide Scans

We scan your slides at a  maximum of 22 Megapixel resulting in a JPG image approx 6064 x 3728 pixels. (A little less when cropped)

Send your Slides to us from anywhere in Australia

You can either drop your precious memories to us if you are local or just place your items into an express post satchel along with our order form for overnight tracked delivery.

Check Out Some Samples

Please note the below samples are not full scan resolution. They have been modified for web viewing.