Media Transfer Services

Video To DVD Services

We can also convert to your Portable Hard Drive on request.

Digitaleye Video Transfer offer a wide variety of VIDEO CONVERSION and TRANSFER options.

We convert all popular home video tape formats to DVD. We believe that the DVD is still the most reliable storage format that we know of today. Although hard disc storage technology is getting better each day, the DVD doesnt rely on any moving parts that can, and do breakdown quite often. USB storage devices are not quite at the capacity required to hold large amounts of video footage.

Not only that, the DVD is still the most common and easy to use method of video playback today.

We highly recommend that you COPY your DVD discs and put the masters in a click sealed bag for archival purposes.

Video to Hard Drive 

If you would prefer your video transfer to go to your portable hard drive, we can do that for you at no extra charge. Simply bring us your portable hard drive and we will place your files there for you. We will provide files in MP4 SD format. 


NOTE: An hour of footage = approx ONE Gigabyte of data in MP4 3K Standard Definition 576p.

Whats Included In My Transfer?

  • We Professionally convert your old video tape footage to standard definition DVD format.
  • We will "Top and Tail" your footage so you have a nice clean start and finish
  • We will remove any BLUE  or "Oops.. I left The Camera On" bits
  • We will Chronologically order your footage as best as possible
  • We will Provide a Full Motion DVD menu so you can choose your video clip with your remote control
  • We will Place Chapter Points at 3 minute intervals for easy skipping with your remote control
  • We will add professionally printed labels to your discs with information about the contents
  • We provide high quality plastic sleeves for your discs - for larger jobs we will include FREE of charge a DVD wallet.
  • We provide you with our Satisfaction Guarantee.